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My View on Bush's 9/11 Ad

I think they're reaching on the ads issue. I can sympathize with someone getting an emotional response to the images of the WTC Towers and of the Flag draped over the coffin, but I can't for the life of me, see why they would feel they've been disrespected by the President for using images that all of us have seen thousands of times before. Where was the outrage when the news services were replaying the planes hitting the towers or the Pentagon over and over again? Where was the outrage when the news services showed the search and rescue missions that were going on to save as many people as possible. (sarcastically) Don't those news agencies know that there's a better and more politically correct way of reporting the news. It's's absurd, that this has become a mini-drama. The wonderful thing about it, though, for the democrats, is how can you prove how someone really felt? They can say someone felt this way or that way, or that person can say they were deeply offended, but how do we really know if they were or not?
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