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Kerry was ready to invade Iraq in 1997

Yet more evidence today that the standard-bearer for the 2004 Democratic presidential nomination has absolutely no political soul, and just makes things up as he goes along. Today's installment? The war in Iraq. Now, you know that Kerry has been both for the war, against the war, for it again, sort of against it and then for it again. What you may not know is just how ready he was a few years ago to do just what he criticizes President Bush of doing.

Speaking on CNN's "Crossfire" on November 12, 1997, Kerry criticized the United Nations, France and Russia for not being tougher on Iraq. Not only that ... he even pointed out that the Clinton administration didn't need UN approval to act on Iraq. "The administration is making it clear they don't even need the UN security council to sign off on a material furthermore, I think the United States has always reserved the right and will reserve the right to act in its best interests." He also went on to criticize the French for not being more helpful, and said that the issue wasn't just about weapons of mass destruction, but Iraq's breach of agreements. In other words, he said the same things then that the Bush administration has been saying all along. Holding Saddam Hussein accountable is only a good idea if there's a Democrat in the White House.

It's too bad for the Democrats that Kerry already has the nomination sewed up. They rushed the process, and now they've wound up with a lemon and no return policy. I guess they can always vote for Nader.

By the way ... a great line from the Bush camp over the weekend. sKerry, as you know, is challenging Bush to a series of monthly debates leading to the election. Bush officials said that perhaps it might be a good idea for Kerry to finish debating himself before he tries to take on the president.

-Neal Boortz
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You know what this post reminds me of? The tragedy that happened on September 11, I think we all need to remember this fateful and horrible day and consider it when we discuss things like the war in Iraq or try to contradict the President's views. We need to remember who is responsible for 9/11 and we need to see that they get their comeuppance.

First though, before we can go about distributing revenge we must figure out who is truly to blame for this catastrophe. It is best to solve problems at their roots, and we need to nip the issue of terrorisim in the bud. So, who is responsible for 9/11?

Few people know the answer because the mainstream media in the U.S. is controlled by the culprits and they don't report the truth. In fact all they report is bullshit zionist rhetoric, and they happen to be that one awful group of people, of animals really, who follow that crazy supersition called Judaisim. I know you are thinking wait a second, the jews aren't responsible! It was those lousy sand-niggers, and you are right, they are equally responsible but I have a theory. Islam and Judaisim are both the same thing. When it all comes down to it they aren't Christians ergo they must be evil. So In conclusion fuck Jews, Sand-Niggers, and normal niggers.

I don't know, I enjoy a good debate, and I know that LJ can be slow, so feel free to talk to me on AIM. My screen is 'twang harmonica'. Although I warn you, everyone I've talked to has been convinced ;)